I stalked him

Have you ever met someone you can´t forget? Quite a few year back I met someone very special. I remember the first time I saw him, I never thought he would look twice at me. But he told someone he was interested in me. And from that day on we had a whirl wind romance. He set my heart on fire and was the most considerate guy I have ever met. No one has ever made me felt as loved as he did.

Unfortunately it was a time in my life where I could not commit to him the way he wanted me to commit. And it all ended with him getting really upset with me before he walked off.

After him I met my now boyfriend, but my now boyfriend has never loved me the way the guy from my past did. Anyway a late night at my girlfriends house we started talking about people from our past and looking them up.  And there on Instagram was the wonderful man from my past.

I added him to my Instagram and went through all his pictures. But he discovered I was there, deleted me and closed his account. Wahhhhh how embarrassing!






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