Going grey

I have started going grey so I color my hair each 3rd to 4th week to keep it in a dark brown color. Putting all those chemicals into my hair so often does worry me. I have therefore searched for a natural ways of coloring my hair. But I have yet to find a way to naturally color my hair, as I want to use a color that will cover the most resistant grey and that does not come off when I wash it.

But lately I have noticed pictures of young girls coloring their hair white and they look fantastic.


What if I instead of coloring my hair brown actually worked with nature and colored it white and with the make up I daily wear, will having white hair instead of brown make me look older?

100616-kylie-rose-gold-hair-tout.jpgOr could the white hair be an asset?


Maybe a white hair color does not age us as much as we think?


Maybe white hair would rather make a grown up woman light up and stand out? Especially if it was long and fluffy (don´t even get me started on the prejudice some have that older woman should´t have long hair).


Or even short hair would do………



Should or shouldn´t I? This is a new thought for me. And I need more time to think about it before I decide. In the meantime I have added Kylie and Kim Kardashian on my instagram.

All pictures are from Google pictures.







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