Do you love me baby?

You meet me at a though period of my life when I was beaten and weak. When I played I am the invisible game. I was a people pleaser and meeting you. You yourself and also letting your relatives taking advantage of me. Being abusive and acting degrading towards me to make themselves feel.

I let myself go. I was their garbage bin and ate the feelings of degrading and hurt and got fatter and fatter.

Yes my love I hear you how you install in my head. That woman who is young is more beautiful, as the beauty of youth triumph every thing. I know you say it to put me down with saying I will never have that again, and therefor I am now less worthy.

Need I to remind you my dear that you are even more overweight than me, and you are older to than me!

I do no longer believe in the limitations you put on me or on our relationship. I do no longer believe when I am told I am nothing, I never did and now less than ever accept that your relatives acts degrading, bullying and rude towards me. I believe that this is actually a big challenge for you my dear in your life, whether you will be able to stand up and choose love. Or if you forever are going to be your relatives servants.

I want commitment, I want the ring from you my dear, I want to be your bride and your wife. The one you are loyal to and love.

I have decided to give it 900 days from today where I am going to transform myself to become the person I want to be. Will you start seeing me and commit to me in marriage and  love me forever?



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