Body goals

I don´t only hope my darling will come around during the next 900 days, that is also the time I have set myself for my total body transformation.

In the next 900 days I will loose 45kg / 99,21 lbs / 7 st 1 lb.

I don´t know how my body will change, what I will be able to transform. Will I get saggy skin? Will I get lots of wrinkles and look twice as old as I am?

I have never put myself first, or done what I wanna do with my life. But now it´s time for me to get fit and get the body I want.  I will become the best version of me.


1 800 days from today my darling will be given the ultimatum of whether he chooses me. I have lots of work on several levels ahead of me and I can´t wait to start!



Pictures are from google pictures




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